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Daily Nickel allows you to securely buy and sell with ease.

Daily Nickel is a one-stop secure marketplace to accentuate people to people commerce and creating new opportunities – be it providing services or buying and selling goods within your community or beyond.
Daily Nickel’s mission is to encourage the ways in which people help and interact with each other in their communities.
The Daily Nickel application is a trusted and best-in-class goods and services marketplace that encourages local talent and allows favorable financial outcomes for communities.


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Daily Nickel offers multiple avenues for people commerce in one place

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Rapid Search to Hire

Quickly search for goods and services that meet your needs.

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Post Goods + Services

Turn your hobbies and extra items into instant income.

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Create + Join Communities

Create your own trusted-group or join an existing community to instantly promote and sell your unique skills and goods.

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Secure Meet-Ups

Safely schedule in-person meetings to exchange goods and services.

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Secure Messaging

Easily and reliably communicate with buyers and sellers.

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Safe Transactions

Exchange funds with bank-level security.

DailyNickel allows you to securely buy and sell with ease

Daily Nickel is connecting community and commerce like never before!


What’s Happening at Daily Nickel?